Moral Stories in English for Class 7 ~ thekahaniyahindi

Moral Stories in English for Class 7 ~ thekahaniyahindi

Moral Stories in English for Class 7 ~ thekahaniyahindi

Moral Stories in English for Class 7 ~ thekahaniyahindi


Once there was a lion in the jungle. He was sleeping. A mouse lived nearby. It came out of its hole. It began to jump over the lion. 
The lion woke up. He caught the mouse. The mouse bagged for mercy. The lion took pity on it. He let it go.
One day a hunter came into the jungle. He cast his net. The same lion was caught in it. He began to roar. The mouse heard his roar. 
It came out. It cut the net. The lion was free. He thanked the mouse.
Moral : Do Good, Have Good
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Once there was a hare. He lived in a jungle. There was a tortoise also. They become friends. One day the hare laughed at the tortoise. 
He said that the tortoise was very slow. The tortoise could not bear the insult. He asked the hare to run a race.
A goal was fixed. The race began. The hare ran fast. He came much ahead. He thought of taking rest. He fell asleep. The tortoise moved slowly. 
But he went on. He did not stop. He passed by the hare. The hare was sleeping. The tortoise reached the goal.
After some time, the hare woke up. He ran fast. But the tortoise had won the race.
Moral : Slow And Steady Wins The Race.
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Once there was a wolf. He felt thirsty. He went to a river. He started drinking water. He saw a lamb. It was also drinking water. It was lower down. 
The wolf’s mouth watered. He wanted to eat the lamb. He said to the lamb.
 “Why are you making the water muddy?”The lamb replied,” Sir, the water is flowing from you to me. How can I make it muddy?”
Now the wolf said,”Why did you abuse me last year?” The lamb replied, “I was not even born there.” At this the wolf again said,” 
Then it must be your mother.” Saying this he killed the lamb. Then he ate it up.
Moral : Might is Right.


Mohan and Sohan were two friends. Mohan was a good friend. But sohan was selfish. One day they passed through a jungle
They saw a bear. They were afraid. Sohan at once climbed up a tree. He did not care for Mohan. Mohan lay down on the ground. 
He held his breath. The bear came and smelt him. He thought that Mohan was dead. He went away. Sohan came down. 
He went to Mohan and asked,” What did the bear say in your ear?” Mohan replaid, “The bear asked me to beware of false friends.”
Moral : Beware Of Selfish friends.


Once there was an old farmer. He had four sons. They were lazy. They did nothing. They were always quarrelling.
One day the farmer fell ill. He knew that his death was near. He called his sons. He said, ” There is a treasure in our field.
 Dig it out after my death.” Then the farmer died.
The sons went to the field. They dug the whole field. But there was no treasure. A Wise man advised that to sow wheat. They sowed wheat. 
The had a good crop. They learnt the value of hard work. They began to work hard.
Moral : No Pains, No Gains.


once there was a poor woodcutter. One day he was cutting a tree on the bank of a river. His axe fell into the water. He was sad.
God mercury appeared. He asked the woodcutter why he was sad. The woodcutter said that his axe had fallen into the water. 
God mercury dived. He brought out a golden axe. But the woodcutter said,” This is not mine.” The god divided again. 
He brought out a silver axe. But the woodcutter said again,” This is not mine.”
At least the god brought an iron axe. The woodcutter was happy. He said, ” this axe is mine.” The god was pleased at his honesty. 
He gave him all the three axes.
Moral: honesty is the best policy
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Once there was a bee. It felt thirsty. It went to the river. It fell into the river. It was about to die. A dove saw it. 
She plucked a leaf. She threw the leaf into the water. The bee got on to it. Its life was saved. It flew away.
Some days passed. A hunter came. He saw the dove. He aimed at the dove. The bee saw all this . It stung the hunter. His gun fell down. 
The dove flew away. She thanked the bee.
Moral: Do good, have good.


There was a farmer. He had four sons. They always quarreled with one another. The farmer was very sad . 
He advised them not to quarrel. But in vain.
One day the farmer fell ill. He knew that his end was near. He called his sons. He gave them a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break it.
 But they failed to do so. Then the bundle was united. The farmer asked his sons to break the sticks one by one . Each son broke the sticks. 
The father said,” Be united like the bundle.If you are united,none will harm you.” The sons learnt a lesson. They never quarrelled again.
Morel : union is strength.


Once there was a fox. He was very hungry. He went here and there in search of food. But he did not get food anywhere.
At least he reached a garden. There he saw a crow in the tree. THe crow had a piece of cheese in the break.
The fox was very clever. He began to praise the crow. He said,” Dear crow! You are very beautiful. Your voice is very sweet. 
Please sing me a song.” The crow was taken in. He opened the beak to sing. The piece of cheese fell down. The fox ate it up and went away.
Morel : Beware of flatterers.


Once there was a shepherd boy. He grazed his sheep outside the village. There was a forest nearby.
one day the shepherd boy was grazing his sheep. He thought of making fun of villagers. He started shouting;”Wolf! wolf! 
Come and save me.” The villagers came running. There was no wolf. The boy laughed at them. He said that it was a joke. 
The villagers were angry. They went away.
One day a wolf really came there. The shepherd boy cried for help. But the villagers thought that he was joking. They did not come. 
The wolf killed many sheep. It wounded the boy. The boy learnt a lesson . He never told a lie again.
Moral : Never tell a lie.


A dog was very hungry. He went here and there. But he did not find food anywhere. He stole a piece of meat from a meat shop. 
He wanted to eat it alone. So he went to the jungle.
There was a river on the way. When he went on the bridge, he saw his own reflection in the water. He thought that it was another dog.
That dog also had a piece of meat. This dog was greedy to get that piece also. So he barked at him. 
His own piece of meat fell into the water. He was very sad. But it was too late.
Moral : Greed is a curse.


Once there was a fox. He was thirsty.He went to a well. He tried to drink water. By chance he fell into the well. He was sad.
A goat came there. She looked into the well. The fox said to her,``The water is cold and sweaty.
Please come in.” The foolish goat believed him. She jumped into the well. The fox climbed up the goat. He came out of the well. 
The goat died there.
Moral : Look before you leap.
Once there was a cap seller. He had a bundle of caps. He was going to a village. There was a forest in the way. It was very hot. 
He wanted to take a rest. He lay under a tree. He fell asleep.
There were some monkeys on the tree. They came down. They took away all his caps. The cap seller woke up. 
He found his cap missing. He looked up. He saw the monkeys. The caps were on their heads. The cap seller thought of a plan.
he threw down his cap. The monkeys also threw their caps. The cap seller got his caps. He went away.
Moral : Do not give up hope in difficulty.

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